quial creek luxury homesIf you are moving into the state of Florida, specifically to Naples, you might want to start looking for a place to live. What is unique about this area of Florida is that it is designed to accommodate anyone that is interested in playing golf seemingly. It’s one of those destinations that is hard to process, primarily because of how beautiful it is. You not only have golf courses that you can play on, but you also have access to the Gulf of Mexico, with many homes that are actually on the coast. There is a country club by the name of Quail Creek, a place where you can also invest in real estate to become part of that community. You can join the club once you have moved there, and get access to all of the benefits and amenities that come with becoming a community member.

This particular facility is located off the 75 in North Naples. You are surrounded by many other country clubs that also have beautiful golf courses. You will have access to lakes, tennis courts, and you are just a short drive from the coast where you can go to the beach, go fishing, or simply enjoy the sunset. It is a country club that is very popular, and some people have memberships to play golf there, even if they do not live in the area. Let’s look at that membership and what you get when you become a member of the Quail Creek golf club.

What You Get With The Quail Creek Golf Club Membership?

This is a full-service country club, one that offers world-class golf. Once you are in, your initiation fee is deferred. There is an orientation program, allowing you to become acclimated to the area. You can also take part in the ambassador program so that you can learn exactly how you can revolve your life around the many activities at Quail Creek. You get access to the 18-hole golf courses. You can attend the bar and grill. Once you are there, you can sit on the patio, or even at the fire pit if you are there late at night interacting with people for a social venue. There are activities that you can do outside of golf such as join a tennis league. You can also join the book club and work with a photography group. This is a great way to acclimate yourself to the community, and also to make sure that you are always able to play golf.

One of the best things about this membership is that you are part of an exclusive club that limits the number of people to 480. You get to take advantage of the 13 tennis courts, and play as much as you want, never having to worry about a tea time. You can go through a personal training program, get a massage, and they also have a spa where you can get facials. There are so many special events and social activities, you really are not ever going to be bored while you are there.

How To Purchase A Home There?

quial creek propertiesIt’s very easy to purchase a home here. There are always going to be homes available in this 640-acre community. What is unique about the landscape is that it’s actually in Audubon sanctuary, home to bluebirds, hocks, and bald eagles. If you can get a home that is adjacent to the golf course, this will make your life easier when it comes to playing the game. There are estate sized homes, almost 300 of them that surround the golf courses to make sure that people can always have a tee time. There are two golf courses which include the Creek Course. It is 6800 yards long. Designed by Arthur Hills, it is regarded as one of the best in Florida, and one of these homes is going to be available. The prices range from $625,000 all the way up to $2.6 million. If you want to join the club, there is a very reasonable $20,000 golf membership fee with annual dues just over $10,000.

If you are lucky enough to get in, it’s definitely a good decision to make. It is a beautiful gated community that has two of the best golf courses in Naples. Find out more from a realtor that is listing properties for this area, and you may be lucky enough to get in sometime this year. Just make sure that you are consistent about searching, and contacting the realtor from time to time. You will soon be able to play golf here not just as a number, but as a person that is part of the community of Quail Creek.