Pelican Marsh Golf HomesA trip to the west coast of Florida may lead you to a city called Naples. One of the initial impressions that you will have is not the city is built around private gated communities. Moreover, these communities are occupied by those that are focused on playing the game of golf. It’s one of those beautiful cities, ones that are crafted by the affluent, catering to those that demand the best. There are so many different golfing communities there that you may be confused on which one to look at if you are looking for Florida real estate. Pelican Marsh homes for sale, if you are interested in living at one of the best golfing communities, with an exceptional golf course, should be one for you to consider. The following reasons will show you why this Naples country club is considered by so many to be one of the elite.

A quick overview of this facility will show you why it is so highly regarded by people that play the game of golf. It is also a natural area for those that enjoy luxurious homes and condominiums. It is a destination that has a multitude of different lakes, naturally spread out over 1100 acres. It has active wildlife, including waterfowl and eagles, as well as many other fascinating creatures. Everything is designed to be picturesque, and just playing a game of golf is going to make you understand the allure. There is a community center that is quite large, and because it is located in North Naples, you have access to one of the top beach fronts for miles around.

Why Will You Like The Golf Course?

There are so many reasons why you are going to not only enjoy the facilities, but also the golf course that you will be able to play on. It was designed with the sole purpose of making people step back and just wonder how something so beautiful could be human-made. It is a combination of natural beauty, and the way the hills slope and how the fairways blend right in. It was made by one of the best golf course architects, an individual that understands how to mold a golf course in with the natural backgrounds and landscapes. Best of all, it is challenging, featuring 18 holes that will allow you to wind into the center. It will be not only challenging but also very addicting, as you are transfixed by how wonderful and beautiful the scenery is around you.

A question that many people have is whether or not it is easy to get a home or condominium at this premier location. The answer is that there are always properties available. You do need to work with a realtor that can contact you as soon as possible once new properties come on the market. The best dealers also tend to present reasonable offers that you may be interested in, even if it is a little bit outside of your parameters. This can be the result of a very motivated seller, hoping to find a buyer that will come close to their offer, and it may be exactly what the customer is looking for.

What Amenities Does Membership Come With?

Pelican Marsh Golf Luxury PropertiesA considerable amount of time and energy has gone into the creation of the Pelican Marsh activities that are available. Starting with the fitness center, it’s about 3000 ft.² of weightlifting machines and cardiovascular equipment. There is an area where you can stretch before working out, and there is an aerobics studio for those that prefer this type of exercise. If you are motivated to play tennis, there are on-site USPTA tennis pros that will be more than happy to help you find a way to improve your game, plus you can also participate in teams that play together weekly. If you are a person that enjoys Pilates, fitness training, or even yoga, this is also available for you. You can get a massage, and take care of your body using the spa treatments that are available, one of the most popular amenities that people use that live here.

Now that you can see why Pelican Marsh it’s popular, if you have been looking for a new place to live this is a great place to begin. Start by looking at their website, contacting realtors that are selling properties, and also find out about all of the membership privileges. If you are fortunate enough to find somehow a home that is available, place your offer as quickly as you can. People are waiting every day to find an opportunity to get in, and if you are fast enough the real estate agent you are working with can make your dream come true by selling you a Pelican Marsh home that you will love.