Twin Eagles PropertiesAs you search for country clubs that are located in Naples, you may come across one by the name of Twin Eagles, one of the most elite golf communities on the West Coast of Florida. They have amazing courses, towering oaks, and lush, beautiful landscape that just cannot be found that many of the other facilities. It is designed for people that love to play the game of golf, designed by golfing legend, Jack Nicholas. It is so impressive that people will come to see the facility naturally, and also because of the legendary creator of the golf course. If you have been interested in looking at something of this caliber, and you want to live at an award-winning golf community, here is why you should consider the Twin Eagles Naples country club.

This golf resort community is one that is actually in the Northeast area of Naples. It sits on about a thousand acres, and has won many awards, and is very close to white beaches and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are gourmet dining locations, upscale shopping, and it’s also a good place to raise your kids. There are wonderful schools, medical facilities, and if you have people visiting, there are five-star hotels that large groups can stay at. There are two separate golf courses designed by the Nicklaus father and son team. It is a primary reason that people want to live in this community. However, going far beyond the golf courses which are fantastic, there is also the nearly 50,000 square-foot clubhouse, and a very reasonable annual membership of just over $10,000.

What Other Amenities Are Available

The amenities that are available include unlimited use of practice facilities, a fitness center, and a place to play tennis. Many people are excited about the social activities that you can do which include getting clubhouse access. There are extended family privileges for those that have family visiting from time to time, allowing everyone to participate. There are formal occasions, those that are casual, and you can also take advantage of the veranda dining that is available throughout the week. There are also card rooms, meeting rooms, and you can go for long walks to simply enjoy the scenery. These are some of the amenities that you will have access to when you become a member of the Twin Eagles family

There are three reasons that most people decide to move to this place. One of them is obvious. It has to do with who made the golf courses, and the notoriety of that famous name. The second reason is that they have some of the most beautiful homes available. Some of them start at a very low $500,000 for homes that are four bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you want something a lot larger, you can purchase one for just over $1 million that has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and is nearly 4000 ft.² in size. The prices are wide-ranging which means that a multitude of different people can live there, from all different walks of life. You might be a CEO of a major corporation who would like to live in a multi-million dollar home, whereas others can afford to live in a regular single-family home that will be perfect for their young children.

How Can You Secure Excellent Deals At Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles Luxury HomesThere are quite a few realtors in the area that offer all of the properties that are being sold in Naples, especially the ones that are at country clubs. They tend to make a lot of money when they sell these, but they are also therefore both the buyer and the seller. They want to ensure that they can negotiate a deal that both sides are happy with this will increase their notoriety. More popular that they become, the more likely it is that people will choose them when they are searching for homes to both purchase and sell. The goal is to contact as many realtors as you can to provide them with your information. Tell them what you are looking for, what your price ranges, and they will get back to you as soon as these properties begin to show up. The benefit of trying to find one at Twin Eagles is that it is such a large area, there are always homes coming on the market. You should be able to find the one that you need; that will be at a price range that you can afford so that you can live in this affluent community.

Although living at a country club is not for everyone, it is certainly a wonderful thing when people can afford to live that such a facility. It is designed for people that like golf, and also like to socialize, and there is nothing better in North Naples than Twin Eagles homes for sale. Whether you decide to live in a condominium or a large multi-million dollar home, there will be something there for you. Best of all, you will get access to a couple of the best golf courses that have ever been made by one of the most legendary golfers.