Talis Park HomesIf you have heard of Talis Park before, it is likely that you are either a golfing enthusiast or you live in the Naples area of Florida. This is a city that has a reputation, one that is built upon all of the golfing communities that are in and around this West Coast town in the Sunshine state. Very few people live at Talis Park Naples. It is highly exclusive. There are only about 300 people that are lucky enough to have residency and just about as many that are allowed to play on this golf course. It is quite costly, and that’s because exclusivity comes at a price. Despite the cost, you are purchasing something that is highly unique, and investment that you will certainly enjoy. It is also a popular destination because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, and all of the wonderful activities that you can do in Naples. An overview of this exclusive and elite golf club community will show you why this might be the place for you.

The property that is there is quite impressive. There are several different neighborhoods to choose from. Vyne House is one of the more modern, extremely new condominiums that are right next to the clubhouse. This gated community and its upscale homes and condos make this one of the most different golf clubs in the world. There are other locations including Carrara and Watercourse, ones that may soon be ready for people that are willing to buy. For example, there is a listing for a home that has four bedrooms and six bathrooms, a total of over 6000 ft.². You get half an acre of property, all for the reasonable price of just under $5 million. If you are looking for something smaller, some homes have just three bedrooms and four bathrooms, just under 3000 ft.². At $1.7 million, this will allow you to save money, and become part of this elite golfing community.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Membership

Membership privileges include access to the clubhouse, golf course, and the activities that you can do each and every day. You will also get access to the meticulously maintained landscapes, waterways, bridges, and ornamental gardens and fountains. There are magnificent homes, along with the golf course, situated in these natural and wild nature reserves. It is a world-class destination, designed for people that want to be part of something that has no compare.

The first step of this process is to contact a realtor that is in touch with the people out this community. They will have listings for properties, ones that had just come on the market, and also those that have been there for several months. The best deals tend to come from sellers that do want to move on to another golfing community, or perhaps they just need to sell. Regardless of the reason, you can always spend a little bit of time looking at what is available week after week until you can find something that is appealing and affordable.

Why So Many People Love This Elite Golfing Community

Talis Park GolfAside from the elegant homes and condominiums that exist there, it is all about the golf course. It also has to do with the names of the designers. Pete Dye and the legendary Greg Norman were the catalysts behind the golf course design. It measures over 7000 yards, provides championship tees, and a picturesque landscape that will remind you of Tuscany in Italy. There are scattered trees, seemingly perfectly placed, but are just part of the natural scenery. It will look like farmland to some, all built around this beautiful golf course that will challenge virtually anyone. There are also amenities such as getting access to all of the social activities. It simply a wonderful place to be, and if you have the means to do so, it is a destination that you should consider as your primary residence.

Now that you have this basic overview of Talis Park, you should at least decide to golf there. You can take advantage of the membership, play golf throughout the year, and perhaps decide that it’s the best place for you to live. As mentioned earlier, it is a very limited community, and it’s sometimes difficult to find a home for sale. When you do find one, however, you need to make your offer to see if it is accepted. Once you are in, you will realize how wonderful this place is to not only live but to play golf on a daily or weekly basis. It is a location that is highly coveted because of its exclusivity and beautiful features. Find out more today about the homes and golf course in Talis Park.