Pelican Marsh Golf PropertiesWhen a person looks at real estates, such as single-family homes or condominiums, that are offered at Pelican Marsh, they are often astounded by the prices that they see. Those that are independently wealthy will not care one way or the other, but to someone who does not understand how exceptional this real estate is, they may not understand the value of what they are purchasing. The prices for this property are exactly representative of the quality of the homes and condos that are available. You also get access to an award-winning golf course that has been featured in national magazines. Let’s go over a little bit about the real estate that you will find there, membership privileges, and why this golf course is so exceptional.

If you are the type of person that does enjoy living in a country club, one where you can get to the golf course as soon as possible, Pelican Marsh real estate is the ideal location for people with this mindset. It’s astounding how many individuals are obsessed with the game of golf, always looking for the next best golf course that they can play. Some people are not very good, and simply enjoy the experience of golfing and the incredible scenery that often comes with traveling down the fairways. When you can play at Pelican Marsh, this 18 hole golf course should impress you. It is designed to be both challenging and entertaining at the same time, and this is how most people will perceive this experience. At the very least, you will understand why membership at this golf course is so precious. It is designed for people that are inspired when they play golf and one always to be on a golf course that is exceptional.

Homes And Condos In Pelican Marsh

After playing, you might realize that living here would be an excellent idea. It is one of the most popular destinations in Naples. This is not only regarding the golf course, but also the homes that you can purchase, some of which are quite expensive. For example, an excellent midrange home that you could get for your family would have four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and about 5000 ft.². You are going to pay for these beautiful designs on private lots, priced at about $2.5 million. Best of all, you are only going to be a short drive away from where you can meet everyone that’s part of the Pelican Marsh Golf Club. This location in North Naples will inspire you not only to play more golf but to potentially live in one of the best golfing communities that exist today.

The next logical step for people that are interested in living here is to contact a realtor with a reputation for making deals that work for both buyers and sellers. If you have found a lovely home for a few million dollars, or even a little bit last six looking at condominiums, they will be able to find what you need. The landscape of this community, the golf course, and the people, are all positive reasons for deciding to move there. You will also be so close to everything in Naples that it will more than likely make your life much easier being centrally located, and so close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Which Membership Options Should You Consider?

Pelican Marsh Golf Luxury HomesThe options that they do have available regarding golf are for the limited game and unlimited golf play. If you are going to play regularly, unlimited golf is the best membership option with full dining and social privileges. Although limited game also offers year-round access and access to social and dining privileges, it is only going to cost you $6000 opposed to $36,000, but you get so much more for the additional membership fee.

If you currently live in a golfing community, and you are utterly bored with the activities there, or the golf course is not that intriguing, you can’t go wrong with moving to Pelican Marsh, a top destination for golfing enthusiasts that want to live in Naples. Even those that drive through the city are inspired by what they see. Even if they can’t live there, they want to. For those that are affluent, and can afford homes of this quality in this beautiful gated community, there is no better place to live than Pelican Marsh, the premier destination for golfers in Naples. As long as you are focused on finding a good realtor to work with, and you consider all of the different options that they present to you, finding a home will be easy. Once you are in, it is a decision that you will always look back upon as being one of the best you have ever made.