Pelican Marsh HomesLocated in the beautiful city of Naples, there is a country club by the name of Pelican Marsh. If you have not been there before, perhaps to play golf, you do not know what you are missing. It’s one of those destinations that people will always remember simply because it was so beautifully designed. More than likely you were visiting with a friend, or you decided to play a fun-filled game of golf on one of their beautiful golf courses. If your goal is to find one of the best places to live that is located in Naples, preferably that you may want to take advantage of by becoming a resident of this beautiful location.

When you start to look at the different prices that are available for condominiums in homes that are located in Pelican Marsh, you might be astounded by the prices. It’s a very upscale country club, one centered around those that enjoy a good game of golf, and that’s definitely what they will get when they become a member. Homes in the area can be as small as $600,000 and can go all the way up to $11 million for some of their nicest and largest units. As far as the number of homes, there are almost 2000, which means there will always be some that are for sale. The golf course that they have has 18 holes, and a maximum number of members is going up to 385. If you want to condominium, you can get into one spending $300,000, going all the way up to $750,000, for one of their best units.

How Much Is Membership There For Playing Golf?

If you are interested in the membership information for the full golf membership fee, it is the tidy sum of $45,000, plus you also have annual membership dues of $10,000 that must regularly be paid. There is also a social membership fee of $9000 and annual dues that are almost $4000, making this one of the most expensive places in Naples that you can play golf. However, this is a relatively new golf course, opened back in 1994, and it must be good because almost all of the memberships are taken up.

One of the benefits of trying to get a home in a place where the property is expensive is that discounts can be a substantial amount of money. For instance, if you do want to purchase a $10 million home, and the buyer hasn’t been able to sell for several months, or even a year, you might be able to get six figures or even seven figures off. Your real estate agent will be able to negotiate for you. They will know the back story with all of these people, and it will be easy for them to present your offer. In fact, it’s recommended that you place as many offers as possible for homes that you believe you would be comfortable in. As always, real estate is a numbers game and those that submit the most offers are going to win.

Are There Any Amenities With Your Membership?

Pelican MarshYou get access to a substantial number of things that Pelican Marsh homes for sale can offer. It’s not just about the homes or the golf. For example, there are community center meeting rooms, a computer center for those that may not have a computer, and you can do aerobics and yoga. There is a fitness center that you can take advantage of, and you can also get a massage. Best of all, the Pelican Marsh golf club is something that not only allows you to play golf but to take advantage of all of the beautiful settings and views that are available on this excellent golf course.

You can begin to make your offers today if you are serious about making this happen. If you have the money to do so, or if you have the credit that will allow you to get into this community, you should certainly consider this as the best investment you will ever make. The property is simply going to appreciate, and if you ever decide to move, there is a high probability that there will be people waiting in line to get in. It is an affluent golf community, one that demands only the best, and that is exactly what you will receive. It is designed for people that enjoy golf, and all of the pampering that comes with having a membership with something this elite.

As you start to make your offers, you will likely have several people that will be receptive. If your only goal is to become a member of the golf club, just to play golf, you can also do that as well. In fact, some people will do this just to see how they like it. If they do, they might end up purchasing a home. However, the decision that you make is going to be based upon how you feel about Pelican Marsh, one of the most expensive and beautiful private gated communities with an excellent golf course.