fiddlers creek homesThere is a golfing community by the name of Fiddlers Creek Foundation that you should consider looking at it living near the waterways in Naples, Florida, is of interest to you. For some people, they are simply looking for a new place to golf that is going to challenge them. For others, it’s about finding the most elite golfing community that they can be part of. There are so many people that enjoy playing golf, waking up in the morning and taking their golf court so they can tee off with friends and family. Fiddlers Creek is one of the premier destinations in all of Naples, placing you very close to the city, and the Gulf of Mexico where you can go fishing, swimming, or just enjoy a sunset on the beach.

When you find a real estate agent that specializes in these exclusive gated communities with golf course access, you will certainly find many listings for homes and condominiums. In particular, if you are searching for what is available at Fiddlers Creek, you are going to be presently surprised by what you can get access to. This location was designed to present a tropical setting. It is one of the few master-planned golf resorts that has 6000 residences. If you are familiar with roads going out to Marco Island, you are probably passed this along with the way, a premier golfing community that has 30 village communities that you can choose from.

How Much Will Properties Cost At Fiddlers Creek?

The range of prices can start as low as $300,000, making this a very affordable choice for people that would like to take advantage of this type of community. If you would prefer a more luxurious home, they go all the way up to $1.5 million, and condominiums that will cost half as much. There is also the additional cost of having access to the golf course. A full golf membership fee is $50,000. There will be additional fees and dues, allowing you to be one of the 400 possible numbers that can play on the 36 holes on their beautiful golf courses.

Even if you have never been here before, you can take advantage of the interactive virtual tours of these golf courses before you ever arrived. For example, there is the Arthur Hill designed course, simply called The Creek Course, a championship course that will definitely impress. Once the second golf courses were done, you will have access to all 36 holes. You also be able to take part in the many different events and activities. There are also other facilities including a driving range, plus a short game area, allowing you to improve your game once you are part of this exclusive club.

Amenities That Are Available To Members

There are several other amenities that you can gain access to as membership does have its privileges. You can become part of The Tarpaulin Club, giving you access to the beach and Marina, something that many people appreciate if they are into boating. The tranquil waters of the Gulf of Mexico are nearby. You can also head over to Rookery Bay. Once you are a member, you may start to see there is a consider becoming one of the many residents of this community that has so much to offer.

Many of the other options include condominiums that are quite large. For example, there are some that are around $600,000 that will give you 3000 ft.² of living space, three bathrooms, and three bedrooms. This is a much more affordable possibility for people that would simply like to have access to the 54,000 square-foot club and spa, swimming facilities, fitness center, tennis courts and all of the social activities that come with membership.

How To Make Sure You Can Purchase A Condo Or Home

Fiddlers CreekAs with all of the exclusive golfing communities that are out there, there is always a high demand. It has to do with the limited number of homes and condos that are available. That’s why staying in contact with one of the top realtors in Naples, one that almost exclusively sells properties in the area, can lead you to some of the best deals as long as you are patient. There will be some that look invited regarding size, location and also price, but spend a little time looking at the different ones that come up. You will eventually find one that is exactly what you need regarding size and cost, as long as you are working with a reputable realtor that can lead you to the right ones.

Fiddlers Creek homes and condominiums are always available. You simply need to be patient and work with a realtor that can help you out. Once you have the membership there, you can take advantage of all that provides for you, especially the beautiful golf course that is currently available. Soon you will have access to all of the membership privileges and amenities for those that live within this community.