Real Estate Talis ParkLocated in North Naples is a golfing community called Talis Park. It is a golf club that allows you to step away from the hustle and bustle of modern society, enabling you to enjoy a solid game of golf. Developed by one of the largest landowners in Florida, this golf club is not just focused on playing golf every day. It is built around the premise that personal health, well-being, and family are critical aspects of everyday life. They decided to build a community that was wide-ranging by design. You can find influences from the Caribbean, Italy, and even Spanish designs. Everything is elegantly made, and the golf courses are designed in such a way to maintain the natural landscapes meticulously. Here is an overview of this beautiful golf club, why you should visit, and also why you might want to become one of the residents at the Talis Park Golf Club.

The membership privileges that you will get will include access to the golf club, golf courses, and other amenities that they make available to members. These are similar to what you will experience if you happen to be a resident, with the obvious exception that you will not be living on the premises. People become very addicted to golf, and if you would prefer waking up every morning and taking a short drive to the golf course, purchasing real estate here might be a reliable option. You do need to work with local realtors, find out what is available, and start to make offers on the different properties that they will send you each and every week.

Why You Should Own Real Estate Here

You should consider owning property at Talis Park real estate. The best way to find out information is to contact local realtors that specialize in luxury properties. This is an upscale community, very similar to Pelican Bay or Grey Oaks, giving you many options regarding the size and cost of the real estate that is available. As with many of these communities, you can gain access to the Gulf of Mexico within minutes. There are many musicals, artistic venues, and there is fine dining in all directions. It is located so that you will not have to drive very far to any of these locations, and can work for both single individuals and families. Best of all, you will have access to a community that is more like a park, making sure that all of the surrounding landscape is as undisturbed as possible. Not only will you be able to access the golf club, but you may be able to own some of their more unusual homes, ranging from $1.2 million to almost $5 million per household. For those that would prefer living in a condominium, these are also available. These upscale luxury condos can go as high as $2.4 million each. Now let’s look at the golf fees and the golf course that you will have access to if you decide to become a member of this exclusive golf club in North Naples.

First of all, you are going to have to pay a full golf membership fee which will be rough $77,000. There are annual membership dues, social contributions, as well as annual dues that must be paid to keep your membership in good standing. The designers, Norman and Dye, did their best to create one of the more challenging North Naples golf courses that are available. There are just over 300 homes that are there, with a maximum of 350 memberships available, making this one of the most exclusive golfing communities that you can play at or live within.

Getting Information On Available Homes And Condos

Talis Park Golf Real EstateSure real estate websites will have all of the information that you will need to not only the homes and condos but membership information. This will give you a general idea of what is currently available, allowing you to make some offers. It’s a good idea to present this information to different realtors if need be, those that can send you the latest updates on available properties. The sooner that you can submit your offer, the more likely it will be that you will be able to find a place to live. You will be one of the exclusive members of this highly affluent community that takes pride in living out this beautiful location.

For those that can, Talis Park might be the exact golfing community that you will enjoy. The combination of membership privileges, amenities, and the beautiful golf course, will motivate you to play all year long. Best of all, if you do get to live within this community, you will become part of an exclusive group of individuals. For some, there is no better place in all of North Naples to live than at Talis Park.