Mediterra HomesIn the city of Naples, a place that is known for having a multitude of different golfing communities, there is a location called The Club at Mediterra that so many people prefer playing. It is an area that is situated in North Naples, a convenient spot for both single individuals, couples and families. You get the benefits of living in this area of Naples and all of the amenities that come with membership when you are part of this golfing community. This place makes it possible for you to seemingly step back in time, observing Mediterranean designs throughout the entire complex. Whether you are a member that plays golf or if you are living in this community, you know how special this place is. Let’s discuss the many amenities that you get if you can become a member of, or become a resident of, The Club at Mediterra.

If all you were able to do were become part of the golf membership, you would see why so many people are attracted to this location. Some individuals enjoy spending most of their golfing hours, playing the two courses that they have available. Other membership privileges include getting access to the clubhouse, tennis courts, and the spa. It’s also possible for you to get beach access, as well as access to meals, making your membership well-rounded.

Golfing At The Club At Mediterra

Golfing within this community is probably one of the top reasons that both members and residents love this location. Tom Fazio was behind the design of this Audubon approved series of golf courses that you can play for most of the year. You can find guest information online, take advantage of the learning center, and of course, play 36 holes of golf. Utilizing the natural preserves, and the beautiful sparkling lakes that are in this area, the golf course will seem sculpted into the landscape itself. It is designed to accommodate 450 members, making it possible for people to schedule a time to tee off without too much of a hassle. There are both golfing memberships, and sports and beach memberships, both of which will allow you to play on these courses.

If you are an avid golfer, you may want to go a little bit further than the sports and beach membership and those privileges. For example, this membership only allows you to play six rounds of golf each season, whereas the golf membership means you are one of the 450 that can play throughout the year. One comes at the cost of $45,000 whereas the other is $130,000 plus annual dues. Once you have found out, you can experience some of the best golf that you will ever play because of the golf courses that have been so well-designed and billed. Finally, you can take advantage of the social membership à la carte dining is available, and you can really enjoy the many aspects of this superior golfing community.

How To Find Out About Current Real Estate Offers

Mediterra Real EstateFor some, it will simply not be enough to play golf here. They will want to become part of the elite society found at The Club at Mediterra homes. Some homes are priced in a million dollar range, and those that are slightly less, making it easy for a wide variety of people to move in. You should consider spending a little time researching the different homes that are available. It is not enough to simply find a couple of homes and make initial offers. You need to be sure that you are going to purchase a home that you will be proud to live in, one that you may be in for quite some time. Real estate offices will regularly need how listings come up, and if you can find one that is providing more listings than all of the others, this might be the realtor to stick with. They can also send you updates as new properties come out, or if prices have gone down for senior listings helping you to save money and get into this community.

The Club at Mediterra is a destination in North Naples that you should consider for the memberships and homes that are currently available. If living out a golf community is a dream of yours, this is going to be one of the best places to start. You may not be able to get in right away, and at the very least, get a membership so that you can play golf and enjoy all of the amenities that come with membership privileges. These are places where the elite gather, especially those that enjoy golfing with each other, on some of the best golf courses found in North Naples.