Pelican Marsh Golf Real EstateAn individual that is searching for the best place to purchase a home in a gated golf community really can’t go wrong with Pelican Marsh. It is a destination that is highly coveted by people not only in the city but people from all over the country that know about these beautiful homes. They are expensive, and also some of the best stones that have been designed. They are all unique and inviting. Being part of this golf club resort means that you will also have the ability to play golf every day, accessing one of the best golf courses in Florida. If a luxury home is what you are looking for, and you have never been to Pelican Marsh golf course before, here are reasons why purchasing a home there, and becoming a member, will be a good decision.

People that live in Pelican Marsh don’t know how good they have it after a period. However, when they first made their purchase, they were more than likely in awe of how beautiful and pristine this location is. The homes are great, but you also get access to an award-winning championship golf course. There are moguls, ridges, and some of the most interesting terrain that you will ever see at a golf course of this caliber. The scenery is magnificent with winding lakes, graceful waiting birds, and marshes that are exquisite. It is as if this golf course magically appeared in the middle of a beautiful part of nature in an entirely natural way.

What Are The Homes Like At Pelican Marsh?

The homes that you will see are going to astound you. For example, if you are looking for something quite substantial, something with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, and relatively new, you can get one for about $6 million. In fact, some of them will discount the price several hundred thousand dollars if they have been on the market for several months. Homes of this size are typically over 7000 ft.². There designed to accommodate a large family. They come with formal dining rooms, family rooms, and a room dedicated to your favorite wine. All of this, plus access to the golf course.

The best realtor that you can find is an individual that has a history with selling Pelican Marsh homes for sale. They will likely indicate that they have been doing so for several years, and showcase the ones they have sold, motivating you to use them for selling your home or helping you find one that you can purchase. You could start with one realtor that seems to have a gift for selling homes from this pristine golf community. However, the other possibility is you may want to contact several different dealers, giving them your contact information so that when they see a home that is exactly as you have described, they can call you immediately.

What Are The Membership Benefits That You Get?

Pelican Marsh GolfStrictly speaking up golf, there are two different membership levels. There is limited and unlimited golf. The Pelican Marsh Golf Club makes it easy for you to make the right decision. For example, if you are only going to play occasionally, your fees may start at $6000. This includes year-round access. However, unlimited golf begins at $36,000, giving you year-round access and no green fees plus the ability to make a seven-day advance with starting times which is what many people prefer to have. The other privileges that you may have access to include dining and social opportunities. Annual memberships starting at about $1300 allow you to participate, and there are no food minimum requirements. You can find out more about this by visiting their website, and you can learn more about how this beautiful golf course community runs. If you can move into this golf country club, it will be a decision that will make you euphoric.

The sooner that you begin to make offers on the different properties that are available from Pelican Marsh, the more likely it is that will soon live at this place which is so beautiful. You will enjoy your house, and access to the golf course, allowing you to change your lifestyle. If you have always wanted to live in this type of community, this is one of the best places to begin. If your goal is to enjoy every moment that you play golf, this is the best place to be. The combination of the beautiful homes, golf course and all of the amenities that come with becoming a member should motivate anyone to discover an excellent Pelican Marsh is by investing in a home of this beautiful gated community.