Lely Resort GolfAlthough the city of Naples is in a fantastic location, very close to the Gulf of Mexico, your position within this town can make a difference regarding your routines and schedules. For example, if you have a job that is in the central part of Naples, then it would be a good idea to have a home that is nearby. If you would prefer living not so close to the ocean, then you would want to choose a portion of the city that was much more inland. A destination that fits this description is the Lely Resort. This is an overview of what you will find if you decide to play golf there or ultimately choose to invest in one of their beautiful homes.

An individual or family that decides to move to Lely Resort is often attracted by the reputation of the golf courses that they have. They have three of them, including The Classics, The Flamingo Island and The Mustang. Each of these averages 7000 yards, each with sloping fairways, sand bunkers, and award-winning designs. Each has an entirely different theme, and that’s what makes living here so preferable to many of the other golfing resorts that exist. Instead of having one 18-hole golf course to choose from every single day, you can rotate between the three without having to travel to an entirely different destination.

Are There Amenities Included With Membership?

A question that many people ask is whether or not the membership that you will have with Lely Resort homes for sale will include a wide variety of amenities. On their website, they describe the many amenities that are available which includes clubhouse access, access to the taverns and grills, and of course the ability to work with top professionals in the golfing industry that can help you with your game.

Although the prices for homes can be seven figures, this location is about middle-of-the-road. If you compare this to some of the other golfing communities, ones that have homes that range well above $10 million, these are quite affordable. It is possible even to spend just a few hundred thousand dollars and find a very nice place to live. Your location at Lely Resort is going to make it very easy for you to access all of the shops, restaurants, and potentially make it easy for you to drop your kids off at school, because of how conveniently it is located.

Can You Always Buy A Home There?

It’s very easy to get a home there, most of the year. It is a place where people come and go. Some people may stay for decades, whereas others might want to try an entirely different resort, and there are so many to choose from in Naples. It is not that this destination has so much more to offer, or that it doesn’t have enough and that is why people leave. Sometimes people move on, and if they do need to sell that property, you could end up getting a fantastic deal from those that are desperate to sell to move on to their new location.

Lely Resort Golf HomesIt is recommended that you consider your finances and the homes that are currently on the market before you start to make any offers. It is recommended that you spend a little time researching, and not just choose one that comes up that seems to be the right one. Your realtor will be able to provide you with the information that you will need to make a logical decision. As long as they are consistently showing you what has just come on the market, and if they can do a little research and perhaps find an old listing that you may be interested in, you may be living there sooner than you had imagined.

It is going to be a positive decision if you decide to live at the Lely Resort. It is a location that is well known throughout Naples. Whether you become a member of the golf club, or if you decide to move there, you will have access to three of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the city. This alone is reason enough to try this golf club out by signing up for the membership. At some point in time you may suddenly decide that living there is also a choice that you need to make because of its location, and also all that being a resident of this golfing community has to offer. Contact a local realtor today to start finding out more about the homes available in this community.