Florida HomesFlorida is an attractive destination that many consider moving to for their golden years, or even earlier in life in some cases, as there are robust employment opportunities in this growing states. Fiddlers Creek Naples luxury homes for sale catch the eye of many looking for a higher standard of living. Keep reading to learn ten things to look for in such homes, or in fact in any luxury homes in the state of Florida.

1) A multi-car garage: The weather in Florida is typically pleasant and mild, but not always. The humidity and heat can flare at times, and when storms pass by, it’s useful to have some place sheltered to store your car. If you own bicycles or motorbikes, then a garage makes it a lot less likely your recreational ride disappears in the middle of the night. Of course, a garage means you can get in and out of your car in privacy and safety from the elements anytime day or night.

2) A backyard swimming pool: Even though you might be close to the water of nature, as well as the ocean and lots of lakes, there’s something to be said for being able to swim in a pool that only you and your family ever get into. This is your chance to spend time cooling off in the water while still enjoying the bright sun, be it after a day of work or just the farthest you venture from your Fiddlers Creek Naples luxury home.

3) A finished basement: If you can afford to live in one of these homes, then you likely have a lot of prized possessions to fill it with. A finished basement gives you a lot of extra room to store things, or even to use for other purposes. You might make it a recreational room, a guest space, an exercise area, and even a home office.

4) Climate control: While Florida weather is great, it’s nice to have a consistent temperature and humidity within the home. While it’s often sunny and beautiful, there are still swings from the summer highs to occasional, though admittedly infrequent, cold spells in the winter. Climate control lets you set a temperature range and then forget it, as the technology switches back and forth between your air conditioning and heating systems without needing your guidance or attention.

5) Water views: Not every home in this master-planned community has water views, but most of them do. There’s nothing quite like waking up to see sunlight dancing on your bedroom ceiling because it is bouncing off the local water.

6) HOA fees: This is not likely something you are looking forward to finding out about, but when you are looking for any luxury home for sale in this area, then you need to ask about what the routine charges are so that you can factor them into your budget. On the other hand, you can also ask about the perks, advantages, and benefits that come with such packages, as there are many to enjoy.

7) A fenced-in yard: It’s unlikely to find a whole yard fenced in, but having at least part of your backyard fenced in gives you a space to let pets run wild without a leash or risk of getting away. You can also let kids play in this area as well.

8) Room for guests: If you are going to live in Florida, then you are going to find that relatives from all over the country are a lot more likely to visit you or find an excuse to include a stop at your home on their vacation plans. This might not always happen in just a summer either, as your winter weather might be far better than whatever they are suffering through back home.

Florida Properties9) Robust home security: A luxury home for sale is likely to get filled with expensive valuables, as already mentioned in regards to the basement. It’s good to have a security system in place that helps protect and safeguard those items. Having the technology in place for video monitoring of the exterior and the possibility of managed services that can respond to alarms will not only help you sleep safer at night but also feel more relaxed on the road. Florida is a big state with a lot to do, and the larger Caribbean is not far away either. You’ll likely leave your home for extended weekends often and want to do so knowing your things are safe.

10) Huge rooms: Any home that is going to be considered a place of luxury should have a floor plan that fits the definition. Everything from the kitchen to the master bathroom to the bedrooms should have tons of space at your disposal.

Using these ten criteria, you should be able to find a Fiddlers Creek Naples luxury home for sale that suits you, and then you can take it off the market.